10 + 1... Steps to Success

Step 1

Use your Charisma & Body Ability

Everyone is different, with their own unique charisma and abilities. We will enable you to use your abilities to make the most of your own talent.

The basics is your ability to build, repeat your quality grip and set-up position for a sound swing.

Step 2


Step 3

Centripetal Force

The ability to swing the club around in a circular motion. The swinging of the club around your body will produce the maximum speed impact of your centripetal force.

Step 4


Using the position of your body to strike the ball with the club head and the grip of the club. This relationship between your clubface, your hands, wrists and arms during the swing has an important impact on your ball flight.

The aim is to reduce any complicated thoughts of your swing, making it a simple turning back and turning through accomplishment.

Step 5

Keep it simple

Step 6


Achieving your swinging tempo that is unique to your ability. Getting your rhythm to allow you to swing the club a pace you can comfortably control.

Step 7

Swinging the club in harmony

Swinging the club is like dancing, it is having its own beat. You move in coordinated movement, in complete control of every move, almost like dancing a waltz.

Assessing your options through information gathering, visualizing the shot and making the right decision will give you the critical result of scoring low. Having a consistent routine for each shot will bring consistency to your game.

Step 8

Pre-shot Routine

Step 9

Sport Psychology

Competitive golf either builds character or reveals character. Sport psychology is about learning to think in the most effective and efficient way possible, every day, every time by every shot. There is space to improve regardless your level or your goals, by improving the mental side of your game, or by reading a sport psychology book. We are here to assist you.

Golf and the golfers themselves have been more sporting through the years! Power, resistance, flexibility and coordination are the prerequisites for a successful swing. Bringing your body into a good symmetry is very important in order to hit the ball further, more precisely and more constantly, and without pain or injuries enjoy the sport of your life longer!

Step 10

Fitness and golf

Step 11

Have fun

Golf is not a game of perfection, rather its goal is to have fun, learn and appreciate the value of being a Golfer. That’s why you are here, to enjoy a Golfers life and master your ability to golf. And we are here to ensure you reach your goals!

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