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Georgios Golf Academy (GGA) is derived from the founder George Diakou name Georgios and Golf Academy. GGA brings with it 35 years of golf experience and over 20 years of professional activities into the golf market and teaching.

George Diakou at Costa Navarino golf course, hole 10

GGA Philosophy

Greek Philosopher Socrates thinking

“I know one thing... that I know nothing”

Socrates / Achaea, 436 BC - 401 BC

Like Socrates, if there was a hidden secret to play better golf, I would have adapted it by now myself and would have become a richer player on the touring tournaments. It would be safe to say there are no magical secrets to play better golf. But everybody has a chance!

YOU definitely have YOUR CHANCES!!!

GGA Goals

It is my pleasure and goal to teach you the basic essentials in your journey to becoming a better golfer. In a simple way, I will teach you techniques such as, how to grip, set up, balance and tempo, controlling your weight, feel the club and your movements to prepare you for working with each situation, eventually making you feel how dancing with the club and the ball should be!

But most important will be having fun while you improve and perhaps teach me something new too!

My philosophy for teaching is as follows:

  • Golf instruction should be fun, logical and simple.
  • Every golfer is an individual who has his/her natural athletic ability.
  • Reshaping the swing that fits and comes more natural to the individual player is often better than a complete change in order to be a Tiger!
  • It will be easier to learn a new position or a new technique, if you feel it.
  • Master the basics.
  • Good Course Management to achieve a low score.
  • Sport psychology and self confident are vital
  • Fast results.

" The music plays on the course! "

GGA Activities

GGA will provide you with the following activities, to assist in enhancing your golfing experience:

Teaching golfers of all levels

Golf Video Tips and more videos

Golf Rules and Tournament Administration

Golf Trips all over the World

Through you will find:

News and articles

Golf tips via videos

Golf Rules and preparation tests

Online lesson booking

Golf trips

Golf lesson vouchers

Golf Courses in Greece

Praforst News

Online help

Special offers

At GGA we are here to assist you make your golfing experience unique. We are here to help you!

GGA Students

Christos Nikopoulos, PGA Professional - Crete GC George was his Mentor

Chrysanthos Diakou, PGA Professional - Costa Navarino

Agelos Kalergis, PGA Professional - Porto Carras

Kostas Spanos, PGA Professional - Athletic GC of Afandou

George Anthoulas, PGA Professional - Athletic GC of Afandou

Stamatis Kavadas, Rhodos - Member of Greek National Team -2 times Greek National Champion

Petros Tourgaidis, Director of Costa Navarino

Nikos Valsamidis, Owner of Indoor Golf Academy in Glyfada - PAGES

Michalis Anthoulas, Rhodos - Greek National Team Member

Michalis Vasilikis, Rhodos - Greek National Team Member

Nikos Panagias, Rhodos - Greek National Team Member

Georgia Patrinou - Porto Carras - Greek National Team Member

Zaharoula Patrinou - Porto Carras - Greek National Team Member

Despoina Papagianni, Island Games - Rhodos Team

Tsampika Kasioti, Island Games - Rhodos Team

Despoina Hatzichristodoulou, Island Games - Rhodos Team

Anna Karela, Island Games - Rhodos Team

Fotis Pellos, Island Games - Rhodos Team

Lefteris Spanos, Island Games - Rhodos Team

Utta Heck, Club Champion - Hof Trages

Stavros Vanikiotis, Glyfada GC - Athens

Fredy Matt, Switzerland

Michael Matt, Switzerland

Nataly Matt, Switzerland

Nikos Karakasis, Porto Carras

Reiner Heck, Hof Trages

Stefan Winheim, Hof Trages

Oscar Pekoll, Berlin

Susanne Pekoll, Berlin

Bruno Woeran, Austria

Peter Benninghof, Hückeswagen

Reinhilde Benninghof, Hückeswagen

Barbara Hoegger, Zürich

Katrin Spillmann-Worthmann, Zürich

Karl-Heinz Spietz, Zürich

In order keeping on the FairPlay we are not mentioning any student name of Praforst.

Peter Benninghof

Hueckeswagen, Germany

“When I first met George in Porto Carras I was a tennis player and I asked information about tennis lesson. I ended up to be a fanatic golfer, visiting him every year!”

Barbara Hoegger


“In Praforst I started as a beginner an introductory course with George. For the next course I visited him in Rhodes. As a sporty woman, I quickly noticed how fast George has improved my swing, working with me step by step. Thanks to his precise instructions I make rapid progress.
It is a pleasure to be taught by George!”

Petros Tourgaidis

Director of Golf at Costa Navarino

“I started playing golf with George in 1996. George is a leading figure in the Greek Golf Market, able to have an international career. He is patient, educated, able to improve players of all levels”

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Ethnarchou Makariou 90, 85103 Afandou - Rhodos, Griechenland


+30 6932 581 233
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