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Starting the season in April 2024, Georgios will start every day with a lot of enthusiasm at Golfclub ...... and teach throughout the entire season. Most recently he was based at the Oberaula Golf Club near Bad Hersfeld and the Schlossgut Sickendorf Golf Park near Lauterbach. 


Georgios Golf Academy (GGA) is derived from the founder George Diakou name Georgios and Golf Academy. GGA brings with it 40 years of golf experience and over 25 years of professional activities into the golf market and teaching.

Meet George Diakou

Advanced PGA Professional

George started golf in January 1984. He had rapid development - single figure Hcp after a year - and managed very quickly to become a key member of the National Teams for the period from 1985 to 1996 representing Greece in several international tournaments. He turned Pro in 1996 and since 2012, he has been working part time as a Teaching Golf Professional for the Hofgut Praforst Golf Course in Hunfeld Germany.

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Swinging the club in harmony is like dancing a waltz, not like a break dance…

Every swing has its own beat therefore seems to be different. Feeling is an important factor in every sport. We will be happy to make you feel how dancing with the club and the ball should be!

Deal with professionals and you will never loose!

Competitive golf either builds character or reveals character. At GGA we are here to assist you make your golfing experience unique.

We are here to help you!

Book a lesson with the Advanced PGA Professional George Diakou. He has a step by step plan and his over 30 years experience guarantee your improvement!

Golf Video Tutorials

George has created a YouTube channel in 2016 under his name George Diakou which he uses to assist, educate potential and existing golfers.

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KINEXIT - ONLINE Golffitness

Once you've walked you through the assessments, Kinexit will automatically generate a customized report. The test then automatically leads to several individual training and mobility exercises.


Starting the season in April 2024, Georgios will start every day with a lot of enthusiasm at Golfclub ........ and teach throughout the entire season.

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